Patterns of Our Lives

Our heritage is comprised of many things: the people who came before us, the traditions and values they carried in their lives, the social and cultural patterns that moved them, and the times that continuously shaped their thinking and behaviour.

My Home …

In the time of a global pandemic, we spend our days and weeks within the walls of our homes. Alone or together with our families, day after day, we search for harmony and solace.

This is Faith

Faith is a delicate thing. We all struggle with it. To believe in ourselves or in a mighty Power looking after us. To face our fears at the different turns of life, when we have to make choices, embrace both love and pain.

Divine puppetry — Wayang

The traditional wayang theatre -- shadow puppets -- of Java dates back to the 9th century. As we sit in the dark watching the performance, these mythological characters, divine and earthly heroes, gods, kings and warriors, saints and clowns, giants and fantastic animals reveal to us captivating stories of love and justice.

The Path of the Buddha

Profound serenity surrounds my soul as I encounter the Buddha statues of Borobudur. The beautiful simplicity of these meditative stone beings are gentle reminders of one’s spiritual nature.

I Stand With CEU

Iced Beauty

I am fascinated with the elements and this winter is a specially good example to witness the powerful forces of nature in the city.

Life of the Stone

I am infatuated by wonderful sculptures, when the spirit of the artist is breathed into a piece of stone and the angel of the stone is revealed.

Scapes of Our Lives

Capturing how our environment shapes us and how others relate to their surroundings is a process of understanding our cultural differences as well as what holds us humanity together as one family.

We live in Budapest

Budapest is the place that gave me life and wherever I travel, it always welcomes me home on return.

Feet Around the World

Whenever my plane lands somewhere, I can hardly wait to touch the ground with my feet, to walk the foreign lands, to feel the lives of my local brothers and sisters.


The map of the soul is designed by our lifelong experiences. Between birth and death the soul walks a path through valleys and hills. The challenges of this journey all leave a mark on our soul. Sometimes the journey seems easy, straightforward, while other times quite impossible to accomplish. Sometimes it is a lonely one, sometimes walking and learning hand in hand with others. But we always strive and as the pain of the journey cracks our soul open, this is a precious process of healing and growth. This is where the lights gets in and unites us with the Infinite.

One Love

When you turn your heart genuinely towards someone, the world opens to you, shows you its secrets and you are fortunate to learn about the wisdoms of loving and living.

The Wall

Constructing walls to separate people from one another is an act of force. In Berlin, a wall stood for some 30 years dividing families, a country, a continent, the whole of humanity. People died and suffered as a result of this separation but ultimately the wall was doomed for extinction.

The Island of God

Stepping on this island, the visitor begins a sacred journey.

Woman, the World Herself

I respect women for the strength they demonstrate in their daily lives. I admire women, their individual stories and their shining examples.